About Us

About Us
Hello guys!! I am Saqib. I am a passionate guy and love computer and Network. Computer and technology have been my passion seen I was a child. In Tech hub you will learn about online earnings and much more skills. online earnings skills for Example digital marketing, blogging, youtube tricks, hardware software, etc. I hope this website helpful for you and we will provide Entertainment as well..!

About work
I started my online Work in the year Of 2016 and now after 5 years, I have a good Experience among blogging who would like to follow my enthusiasm and also buyers who would like to know my sentimental their next purchase. All of this started in the year 2010 when i was searching for the ‘Google Cash Intersection Scam’ which was an online making money DVD which I purchased after seeing an advert in a local newspaper, which referenced that you can make ‘Easy money with Google!’. I was quite surprised by this and started searching on the net as to this company and their tributes to know more if this was really true.

Almost  10 year’s experience I have. I became one of the best search engine optimizers in Pakistan and I started offering SEO services to my costumers all over the world and this was possible because of the first page rankings of my sites in the search engines. The search engine calculations continued evolving and I kept myself updated with this SEO stuff. Today it's around 4 years and I run 5 huge blogs that receive millions of visitors every 2month out of which I make a good amount of money. I don’t like to disclose my income source because there is no point in it and I just want to help you out in making money the way I do and make sure I can help every one of you with easy video tutorials and tips.

My Hobbies :

I pass my time surfing the web in search of different energizing things and also watch a lot of movies which include Bollywood & Hollywood  Films I’m a great fan of Graphic design And I have 2years experience in graphic design I am a professional Graphic designer. I am working on Fiverr and I earned 2000$ from Fiverr is well. I also love to Playing football and I Win championship Trofee All over Mirpur AJK,I also love playing games on my gaming phone especially I like playing PUBG and I like watching TikTok as well.any more question about my me and about my work or any kind of question or help whenever feel free contact me:ch12saqibraaj@gmail.com thank you.
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